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Information for Students

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Writing Assistant.

Your role as a Writing Assistant would be to help students with their writing processes; to help them devise strategies for tackling class assignments; to offer a reader’s informed feedback on drafts of essays; and to build on the work of English 107 or any other writing classes the students have taken.

The faculty members involved in the Writing Assistant Program are eager to get extra assistance for their students and understand that this program will succeed only if they make the effort to communicate regularly with their Writing Assistants, to design assignments (and deadlines) that provide ample opportunity for the Writing Assistant to work with students and to encourage all of their students to meet with the Writing Assistant. Writing Assistants are thus a primary source of writing instruction in such classes, making the Writing Assistant central to the students’ becoming more accomplished writers.

Writing Assistants are paid a stipend for the semester based on five hours of work per week, which comes to $850 for undergraduates and $1350 for graduate students. We train and meet regularly with Writing Assistants to provide ongoing support in their work.

If the Writing Assistants Program seems right for you, please read more in the handbook (PDF) and fill out the application.

For more information, please contact:

Michael Matto
Associate Professor, Department of English
Coordinator of University-Wide Writing

e –

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