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Prepare for a Tutoring Session

Tips for a successful Writing Center experience.

Prepare ahead to make the most of your Writing Center appointment. While a full draft is best, you can bring in an outline or even just a set of notes, and our tutors will help you move to the next stage in your writing process.

Don’t wait until the last minute to come in.

Be sure to leave sufficient time for scheduling follow-up appointments before your paper is due, should your paper require extensive revisions.

Bring in your instructor’s actual assignment whenever possible.

If you are revising a graded paper, also bring your professor’s comments. Tutoring sessions work best if both you and the tutor have a clear understanding of the assignment. 

The writing process involves revision.

The tutor’s goal is to help you move on to the next stage in your writing process—not to finish your paper during the 45 minute session. You should expect to continue work on your project after you leave.

Your most effective resource for getting advice in how best to complete your assignment is your instructor.

The Writing Center helps you develop and express your ideas, but we cannot tell you if your conclusions will be satisfactory to your professors. Using our services is not a substitute for meeting with your professors.


For further information, please contact:

Writing Center
Nexus Building, Room 129
p - 516.877.3200
e - writingcenter@adelphi.edu

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