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Services for International Students

Learn essentials for language acquisition and development.

Adelphi students who speak English as a second language are encouraged to take advantage of our resources for mastering your writing and conversational skills in English. As an international learner,  improving your linguistic skills will help you to successfully integrate into campus life, in addition to helping your academic success.

The Intercultural Connections program provides personal tutoring, grammar and writing workshops, career and internship training, field trips. Formal language testing and evaluation are also available.

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Cultural Conversations

In this co-curricular enrichment program, international students get together to talk with American students in supportive ways that don’t always happen naturally during your academic classes. Sponsored by the Learning and Writing Centers, the group meets once a week for a brief presentation followed by plenty of conversation—with some language coaching thrown in as needed.

For more information, please contact:

Steven Siciliano
Program Coordinator 
e – ssiciliano@adelphi.edu
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